Updated on
Mar 05, 2021

Istinomjer is an initiative that focuses on the promotion of the responsibility of political parties that participate in the executive branch, as well as holders of public office who have responsibility towards the citizens of BiH. Its goal is to direct the political and public discourse in BiH as much as possible towards the promotion of political responsibility as a fundamental principle of democracy.

The truth measurer evaluates the statements of public office holders in terms of their consistency, truthfulness and fulfillment of promises they make in their public appearances. In addition, Istinomjer monitors the fulfillment of pre-election promises from the election programs of political parties that have been mandated to exercise power at the local level, at the level of Sarajevo Canton, and at the entity and state levels.

The Truth Meter has so far monitored and evaluated the performance of the ruling parties at the state and entity levels in the 2006-2010 mandates; 2010-2014 ; 2014-2018 ; and continues to monitor the fulfillment of pre-election promises at these levels and in the 2018-2020 term .

In addition to monitoring the two highest levels of government, Istinomjer also monitored the fulfillment of the pre-election promises of the ten BiH chiefs. municipalities in the mandate 2008-2012; twelve municipalities in the 2012-2016 term ; and continues monitoring within the “Local Truth Meter” and in the 2016-2020 term.

In 2018, Istinomjer also decided to monitor the work of the Government of Sarajevo Canton for the 2018-2020 mandate , given the existence of a specific platform on which this Government was formed.

Our position is that a responsible approach to giving and fulfilling pre-election promises is one of the fundamental indicators of the responsibility of political parties towards their voters (and citizens in general), and as such represents one of the necessary conditions for the existence and functioning of true democracy. "Fair elections", in that sense, mean more than the absence of election theft - false promises, although not legally sanctioned, still represent a kind of electoral fraud of citizens, especially if they become a regular and continuous practice. In that way, one of the key elements of democracy is lost - the political responsibility of the holders of power towards the citizens.
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