The Digital Democracy Room is an initiative of FGV DAPP to monitor the public debate on the internet and fight disinformation strategies which threaten the integrity of political and electoral processes, seeking to strengthen the democratic institutions.

Monitoring the political debate of social networks in Brazil and now in three more countries in Latin America.

In 2018, the project focused on the Brazilian elections, with daily analyses about the discussions on public policies, electoral topics and attempts to manipulate the political process, with the development of our own methodology which is now a reference worldwide.

Today, the Digital Democracy Room has entered a new phase with Latin American partners to develop the applied research experience in other countries in the region, expanding its goal. The #ObvervaAL partners are the fact-checking agency Chequeado, in Argentina, the website Linterna Verde, in Colombia, and the investigative journalism vehicle Ojo Público, in Peru. The project now seeks to contribute to understanding the phenomenon of social networks, particularly the digitization of democracy.

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