Updated on
Mar 02, 2021

Digiteye India is an independent digital news fact-checking venture by a small group of veteran journalists who came together to bring forth authentic facts behind daily news and claims being passed on as news, social media messages and views.

Whether a claim or news, we focus on fact-checking them and our coverage includes scanning claims for false news, and rumours in online media, websites, social media ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to WhatsApp. is a part of SoftmediaHub LLP, a limited liability partnership company registered in India in 2014. We have taken up fact-checking in the wake of a mob-lynching incident in a village near Bangalore in which an innocent IT firm employee was killed based on fake WhatsApp rumours. Formally launched in November 2018, Digiteye India remains our sole venture, entirely dedicated to fact-checking.

The Digiteye India Initiative has a team of six members (Please see “our team” page). Currently, we have four fact checkers who have been carrying out the task of screening claims or false narratives, fact-checking, and vetting images before submitting them for publication. Every copy is vetted by the team at several stages before publishing it.

Our Editor is the final authority to decide whether a story meets all the requirements as mentioned in our methodology and Code of Principles before publishing them. As a signatory of the IFCN Code of Principles, it’s our sincere endeavour to meet all the requirements and stay away from any bias or favour in our write-ups without any interference from outside in editorial matters.

We strictly adhere to the Code of Principles as envisaged in our website. We are transparent to uphold the methodology, which is open to scrutiny and our news stories are easily replicable by readers themselves. We follow all the norms of correction and make them public on our Corrections Page promptly.

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