Updated on
Nov 03, 2021

Blackbird .AI views the spread of disinformation as one of the world’s largest threats to national security, business, and the public as a whole. To combat disinformation, Blackbird.AI seeks to expose those continually spreading disinformation. Made up of a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, national security experts, and journalists, Blackbird.AI seeks to maintain order and clarity to information in society, particularly in the digital space. The organization’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform combats disinformation by identifying factual information while exposing false information for what it is. This allows internet users to understand what they see online and realize that not all information at their fingertips is accurate. Blackbird.AI’s ultimate goal is to allow the public to understand the accuracy of information and how it spreads online; the hope is that society is able to easily differentiate between real and fake information. Blackbird.AI views its work as the “first step toward making a stand, reigning in the chaos, and restoring a measure of order to build towards an empowered, critical-thinking society.”

(Independently written)